Our Facilities

At Exclusive Body Werks we feature a modern, open-plan workshop secured with 24-hour live security monitoring.

We have three fully ventilated down-draft spray booths and over 700 square metres of workshop space where we are fully equipped to undertake even the most intense repair jobs. Our shop flows between three main areas where our team can concentrate on specific repair techniques whilst utilising a myriad of innovative tools and factory manuals to repair any vehicle to exact factory specification.

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About Us

Over 40 years in the industry

Our largest area is carefully planned out to accommodate numerous vehicles and their corresponding equipment simultaneously. In this zone we exercise our skills as a bespoke repairer; taking each task, big or small, as a great responsibility and a chance to really let our talent as “craftsmen” shine. Every weld, file, cut, dolly mark and rivet is applied with meticulous care; we will not move a vehicle on to its painting process until we are 100% satisfied with the final bodywork. With factory jigging for almost every model produced by our favoured marques, we are able to undertake repair jobs to any level of damage, including significantly heavy hits.

Our “Prep & Paint” department is where the cars are moved to for their final body preparation; here our team uses techniques such as wet and dry sanding to get a perfect finish on the cars bodywork before being coated in a high-quality primer, sanded again and strictly inspected for imperfections. Alongside our prep area is our paint booths: spacious, fully ventilated, state-of-the-art down-draft booths where our award-winning paintwork is laid down with the utmost care and precision. Whether it be standard paint coverage or an intricate custom design; our techniques and equipment are consistent across all tasks. Our team use the highest grade Glasurit paints paired with industry-leading paint guns to allow for an unwavering quality of workmanship. By using our fully-ventilated spray booths we are able to guarantee that our paint work is completely free from imperfections and contaminants, as well as our colours being applied evenly thanks to a high-grade lighting system illuminating every inch of the car in perfect detail.

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After the cars colour has been thoroughly inspected, corrected and refinished, it then goes back in for a final clear-coat process before a finishing buff and polish using a range of abrasive compounds to really accentuate our award-winning paintwork. After the cars colour has been thoroughly inspected, corrected and refinished, it then goes back in for a final clear-coat process before a finishing buff and polish using a range of abrasive compounds to really accentuate our award-winning paintwork.

Following this aesthetic process, vehicles then move on to our third area: assembly and detailing. Here cars are put back together, some simply refitting minor accessories, whilst others require things to be assembled and fitted: glass, electrical components, doors, chrome-work, reinstalling full interiors, and fitment of auxiliary panels. Any repairs or renovations to upholstery are handled by industry-leading auto trimmers, always on hand and expertly trained in all manner of rare and beautiful vehicles. Once all parts are back in their rightful places it is then time for a final detailing process to assure that the customer’s car is returned to them in showroom condition. This requires a full wash of the vehicle, a final polishing phase and a complete clean and vacuum of the interior.

Once the team is satisfied that the vehicles repairs have met both our own stringent standards, and those of the respective manufacturers, then the car is ready for pickup along with a lifetime warranty on all repairs. By the end of a vehicles journey through our Exclusive Body Werks premises, it has traversed four specialized departments and undergone the absolute pinnacle of bespoke craftsmanship and care, ready to return to its owner in showroom condition.

Our team here at Exclusive Body Werks is one of passionate craftsmen, bringing together over 40 years’ experience and a lifetime of knowledge. We strive to upkeep the tradition of bespoke repairs by using only the finest materials available in harmony with cutting edge technologies and techniques. Although what we do is innovative and industry-leading, we also acknowledge the absolute necessity of heritage and human touch. Our expert team is equally at home with a hammer and dolly in hand, feeling every rise and fall in a metal surface. To achieve the perfect curvature when working with steel and aluminium is always a visceral experience, each stroke of a hand-file gently revealing the raw metal below. The craftsman’s hand glides over, his fingers following the metal’s curve with supreme concentration and scrutiny; in search of the tiniest of imperfections.

The human touch is fast becoming overtaken by computers and robotic tools as their users develop a need for over-efficiency and bionic precision. We believe that some things can be done better by hand, they need to be felt. We have spent years honing our skills and processes, discovering that both human touch and modern technology can work in absolute synthesis with one another to produce the ultimate final product, and we continue that journey as we break down the barriers between old and new methods. Whether it is resurrecting a classic or repairing a future classic: we love cars, and we want to keep as many of them on the road as possible. Each customer’s vehicle is vastly different to the next and that allows us to further grow our expertise with each individual challenge developing a new use for human and technological proficiency.

  • State of the art premises with full 24hr security monitoring
  • Industry-leading downdraft spray booths with full ventilation
  • 4 specialized departments spread across more than 700m2
  • Factory jigging for all models for precise measurements & chassis strength
  • Cutting-edge equipment for absolute precision• World-class paints supplied by Glasurit for award-winning paintwork
  • Highly trained craftsmen are fully capable on all jobs
  • Upholstery restored, replaced or repaired by industry-leading auto trimmers
  • Full multi-treatment vehicle detailing before pickup
  • Traditional artisan techniques paired with innovative tools
  • Purpose built aluminium repair room to prevent cross contamination
  • Intimate knowledge of all luxury & exotic vehicles