Porsche AG is one of the world’s longest-standing automobile manufacturers with a long and prestigious history behind them. As they continue to produce unparalleled vehicles based on over 80 years of engineering and design experience, we are honoured to be a factory-approved repairer

We have a profound love for the Porsche brand and share a great affinity with them. We have built a trusting relationship; providing quality, craftsmanship and service that are second to none.


  • Highly respected and preferred repairer by the Porsche factory
  • State-of-the-art premises with the best equipment available
  • Factory jigging for all models for correct alignment and strength of chassis
  • Industry-leading Glasurit paints for unparalleled showroom finish
  • Correct factory-approved equipment used on flawless & consistent repairs
  • Strictly OEM parts & panels used to assure perfect repairs every time
  • Bespoke craftsmanship paired with Innovative technology for the best outcome
  • Expert tradesmen: regularly trained with extensive range of up-to-date techniques
  • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs

Our Porsche customers can rest assured that their vehicle will receive the absolute pinnacle of quality repairs using superior materials and the newest factory-approved equipment.

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McLaren’s sports cars evoke a boyish sense of excitement fused with an air of ultimate sophistication. These vehicles contain a staggering amount of engineering based on over 50 years of motorsport heritage, and they command your full attention; whether driving one or repairing it.

Our affiliation with the McLaren brand is built on a foundation of absolute trust, as well as the confidence that we will repair their vehicles to the pinnacle of quality and aesthetics; as with every model previously.


  • McLaren’s sole factory-approved repairer for New South Wales
  • In-house carbon fiber repair unit (crucial for repairing the all-carbon-fibre chassis)
  • State-of-the-art premises operating the benchmark of specialty equipment
  • Factory jigging for correct alignment and strength of chassis repairs
  • All staff have full factory-training by McLaren: covering all tools and techniques
  • Innovative methods for industry-leading and precise repairs
  • Professional-grade Glasurit paints for unparalleled paintwork.
  • Bespoke techniques used to repair many custom-options and fine details
  • All parts and panels are factory OEM for perfect fitment and safety standards
  • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs

McLaren owners can leave their vehicle in our experienced hands with the confidence that it will be treated with a high level of respect, whilst receiving thorough and correct repair methods at all times.

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Aston Martin Lagonda has cemented themselves in the automotive industry for the past 103 years as a British icon, 52 of which they have been identified as the vehicle of choice for silver-screen spy James Bond. Aston Martins ooze sophistication and pedigree, whilst still maintaining a largely unmatched level of engineering and performance, which makes them an intricate car to repair. We embrace this intricacy and thrive on the challenge.


  • Sole Category-A repairer for Aston Martin in New South Wales
  • Only factory-approved repairer for the “One-77” in Southern Hemisphere
  • Staff undergo extensive & routine training by Aston Martin factory experts
  • Modern and innovative techniques for quality assurance
  • Purpose-built in-house carbon fiber repair unit
  • State-of-the-art premises & industry-leading specialty equipment
  • Factory jigging for all models assures absolute precision
  • High-grade Glasurit paints deliver award-winning paintwork
  • Tactile craftsmanship and bespoke finishes to guarantee flawless results
  • Exclusive use OEM panels and parts for precise fitment quality
  • Lifetime guarantee provided on all repairs

With experience repairing all recent models of Aston Martin, we are confident that our customers will be delighted when their vehicle is returned to them in showroom condition. Peace of mind is instilled with the knowledge that we hold ourselves to an unfalteringly high standard, employing the best repair methods and equipment to ensure a perfect result.

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As a brand associated with grace and extravagance, Rolls Royce commands the utmost respect for each and every vehicle they produce; not only as an owner or a passenger, but also as a repairer of these ultimate luxury icons. Rolls Royce vehicles are hand-built down to the finest detail and with that brings a myriad of complexities which we embrace and thrive on as we exercise the highest level of craftsmanship during all stages of the repair process.


  • Rolls Royce’s sole repairer for the Southern Hemisphere
  • Specially trained in advanced Rolls-Royce’s aluminium-specific repair techniques
  • Strong relationship with the brand through years of faultless repairs & professionalism
  • Factory-trained craftsmen: expertly trained in every factory technique & type of equipment
  • Bespoke methods embraced by our craftsmen to preserve fine details
  • Elite level of finishing, as-new condition upon handover
  • Innovative equipment & traditional techniques guarantee a perfect repair every time
  • High-grade Glasurit paints for award-winning paintwork
  • Expert staff frequently trained in up-to-date methods by factory master-craftsmen
  • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs

Our expert craftsmen devote their undivided attention to returning each vehicle to its absolute original condition, with special attention being paid to the bespoke characteristics. Our Rolls Royce clients can relax, knowing their vehicle is being treated with the respect it commands.

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Tesla stands firmly at the forefront of automotive technology and innovation, and we stand proudly beside them to provide our valued customers with the pinnacle of quality repairs. When flowing lines meet an unsurpassed level of technology and engineering, the result is one very beautiful, very complex vehicle. However, thanks to our expertly trained staff: we can take on any repairs when one is unfortunately damaged, regardless of the model.


  • Tesla’s sole repairer in NSW & preferred repairer nation-wide
  • Intensive training by factory master-engineers for full knowledge technology and techniques
  • Purpose-built equipment imported from Tesla for factory-standard repairs
  • Strictly OEM parts and panels used for guaranteed quality and safety
  • Intense scrutiny in all stages of the repair process for quality control
  • Bespoke attention to detail ensures flawless results
  • Expertly trained staff can handle each vehicle’s in-built technology


Tesla owners can rest easy knowing that their vehicle could not be in better hands. Their car will be treated with the utmost care and only the finest parts and panels will be fitted, using the industry’s newest and most advanced equipment.