About Us

Exclusive Body Werks is a state-of-the-art premises situated in Granville, just five minutes from the heart of Sydney’s newest central business district

We accommodate a range of high-tech equipment and expertly trained staff to repair luxury and exotic vehicles including Porsche, McLaren, Tesla, Aston Martin & Rolls Royce automobiles, for whom we are factory approved repairers. Our shop features a spacious double-width building running the full width of the block between George & Berry streets with a dedicated motorsport facility nearby for building and maintaining our historic race-cars.

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About Us

Over 40 years in the industry

Our generous premises allows us to work on numerous vehicles simultaneously, each with its own sizeable area for our team to focus on the specific details of the project at hand. At Exclusive Body Werks we are meticulous in all facets of the repair process and our passion is foremost for the vehicles. Each and every one of them is designed and built a specific way with countless hours going into their development and manufacture, they are not simply a car, but a valuable investment. Therefore, we feel it is paramount that vehicles of such high caliber should be in optimum condition at all times. When a vehicle is brought to us the goal is simple: we work efficiently and meticulously to assure the issue is rectified as soon as possible, with no compromise to the safety or originality of the car.

When vehicles are towed to and from our location, we use a select range of trusted towing services who are highly experienced in the loading, unloading and transportation of luxury & exotic vehicles. Once in our workshop, vehicles remain under full 24-hour security monitoring in all areas; so customers can rest easy knowing their beloved car is safe and secure at all times. In addition to the surveillance cameras covering our workshop, we also feature a fully gated perimeter for additional security.

  • Close to Parramatta, Sydney’s newest CBD
  • Factory-Approved repairer for Porsche, McLaren, Tesla, Aston Martin & Rolls Royce
  • Generous floorplan and dedicated motorsport facility nearby
  • Easily accessible from all directions in Sydney
  • Absolute passion for the vehicles we work on ensuring thorough repairs
  • Efficient repairs & meticulous craftsmanship
  • 24-hour security monitoring & gated perimeter
  • Select trusted towing services ensuring total care when transporting your vehicle
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About Us

Our Heritage

We are proud to carry over forty-years of experience in the automotive repair industry, with a team who have developed their skills across a diverse mix of areas working on countless vehicle marques before joining the Exclusive Body Werks Family. Our team has brought a world of knowledge with them alongside many skills and experiences which they implement in each situation with the utmost confidence. Our heritage spans far outside the repair industry, with many decades of experience in international motorsport also.

Automotive design and manufacturing has evolved extensively throughout the past forty years, with vital materials and methods of repair constantly changing. As these factors have transformed, so too have the techniques required to repair them. At Exclusive Body Werks we are proud to say that we have followed these advancements and compiled a considerable amount of knowledge to bring ourselves to the forefront of our industry. We have advanced our techniques to align with current and future designs; keeping ourselves ahead of the curve and constantly innovating. With each new industry development, there are new methods to be implemented, and for this reason it is paramount that we put our tradesmen through extensive training programs on a regular basis. More importantly: this means we can provide customers with the outcome they desire through the knowledge that we apply the absolute latest repair practices.

Owner Ron Goodman started his apprenticeship immediately after high school, with his passion for unique vehicles leading him to a post-apprenticeship job working in a custom paint-and-panel shop. Ron accrued valuable experience, specifically in customization before boldly establishing his own unique business “Exclusive Body Werks” only seven years after he began his trade.

Ron’s achievements both at work and on the track have led the world to pay close attention to him: often being considered a source of inspiration and knowledge, especially where Porsches are involved. Although a quiet achiever by nature, Ron has received numerous accolades for his accomplishments; the crowning glory was The Road To Monterey, a film which follows the journey from humble beginnings to his modern-day triumphs and what it took to get there.

Ron has many years of experience racing within the motorsport community: beginning with racing a Monaro before his natural progression into NASCAR. Following his involvement with NASCAR, Ron transitioned into historic racing and more specifically: Porsches. His vehicles of choice are Porsche 356 “outlaws”. Motorsport has allowed us to develop unique vehicle designs and test out many different combinations both aesthetically and mechanically; giving us vital insights into how we might implement our findings in customers’ track vehicles. We have nurtured long-term affiliations with a significant number of identities and brands within the international motorsport community, these relationships have stood us in good stead as we move forward and continue to innovate. We endeavor to deliver our customers the best network available to assist with any query or difficulty they might face.

As a passionate advocate for motorsport and modern repairs it is only fitting that Ron insists his staff at Exclusive Body Werks are also immersed into the racing side of things. We collect a bounty of knowledge through this fusion of industries, allowing us to grow our professional skillset so we might apply these lessons daily, to all performance and race vehicles.

  • 40 years + of experience in automotive repairs & motorsport
  • Staff have worked in a diverse range of sectors – attracting a broad range of skills
  • Extensive knowledge of high performance & track vehicles
  • Knowledge: fusion of repair and motorsport background to maximize techniques
  • Constantly advancing our techniques to align with current and future designs
  • Innovative mindset keeps us at the forefront of our industry
  • In-house race team implements experience to improve custom builds
  • Extensive network of resources throughout the automotive industry
  • Bespoke skillset built from development of historic race cars and classic restorations